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21-Mar-2018 07:17

If you have multiple businesses, you simply set each of those up as an individual organization.Each organization is an independent Zoho Subscriptions Organization with it’s own organization ID, base currency, time zone, language, customers, reports, etc. Alternatively, it can be obtained from the Manage Organizations page in the admin console: Login to the Zoho Subscriptions admin console.You can also apply a password policy to your account to require that all of your IAM users periodically rotate their passwords. For more information, see Setting an Account Password Policy for IAM Users.Important If you use the AWS account root user credentials, we recommend that you also regularly rotate them.

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You should save these in a secure location and give them to the user.For more information, see Allow Users to Manage Their Own Passwords, Access Keys, and SSH Keys.For more information about the credentials used with AWS and IAM, see Temporary Security Credentials, and Types of Security Credentials in the As a security best practice, we recommend that you, an administrator, regularly rotate (change) the access keys for IAM users in your account.Login to your Zoho Account and go to the URL below. SCOPE=Zoho Subscriptions/subscriptionsapi If you chosen to obtain your authtoken via an API, please follow the instructions below: Submit an HTTP POST request to the below URL.

In Zoho Subscriptions, your business is termed as an organization.

Click the drop down with organization’s name as the label and click Manage Organizations.

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