Adult chat and picture swap app

28-Oct-2017 17:21

And I'm here to tell you, at least for kids under 17, it's not.

Here’s how it works: you download the app from the App Store (there’s also an android version on Google Play).

A spokesman for the NSPCC said apps like Yellow should be forced to add verification measures.

A spokesman for Yellow told the newspaper it is not a location-based dating app.

People who sign up for the app as an adult can change their date of birth to target younger children.

‘Anyone can sign up with no checks and there are lots of teenage girls there, and some obviously fake profiles.’ This comes after parents were warned that teenagers could use the app before moving onto Snapchat to swap x-rated pictures.

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Yellow, which claims to have five million users, allows young teenagers to swipe right on a profile picture and match with other strangers just like on Tinder. Snapchat doesn’t make contributions to your permanent record and no college admissions director will ever see your snaps. The girls had a handful of friends who were also Snapchatters () who they enjoyed connecting with. This is a frustrating development for parents everywhere.