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shj In 2015, She and Zander got engaged after being broken up for a while.

Whether you enjoy rides, games, food, or good old-fashioned fun, the Thomas Carnival has something to offer.

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Lennox then went to his place to try and explain but found him cheating on her with his roommate which permanently ends their relationship.

Lennox Elizabeth Scanlon is a free-spirited 21 year old student at the University of Toledo.

She is Mel Burke's niece and the sister of Ryder Scanlon.

We have provided a safe, clean, wholesome entertainment environment just as Art B. When you walk our midways you will notice our customers having fun. Thomas Obituary Bernard Thomas was the innovator of the Universal Ticket System used by virtually traveling carnivals today.

Tickets bought at any ticket selling location can be used for admission on any ride.In 2004, the Thomas Carnival was evaluated by the OABA Quality Assessment Team and met the rigorous standards required for entry into the prestigious Circle of Excellence. The Thomas Carnival has been owned and operated by the members of the Thomas family continuously since then.