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08-Jul-2017 03:02

If we lived in a home with infidelity, we probably experienced the myriad of consequences that ensued.The betrayed often denies and ignores the affairs, stuffing their true emotions.All of these steps take time, but will help heal both hearts so both spouses can get past the infidelity.Anger is the poorest form of communication in any relationship.They can provide insight into how to navigate through rough patches and can even be models for overcoming life’s larger challenges. Some were strong and firm, guiding us wisely and getting us to our destinations on time and in pretty good shape. These are the types of relationships that we rebel against and swear we will never have.And yet, these are the ones that we often find ourselves in.

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Even more surprisingly, some of us discover that we married people just like our parents. Relationships that have weathered the storms of time can be great teachers.The betrayer is seen as disrespectful, controlling, manipulative and dishonest.Feelings of abandonment may have been planted in us at a young age and as adults, we may become highly codependent or choose to live in complete denial.If we witnessed our parents wield anger as a weapon, we may think that is the only way to interact with our spouse.

Usually, one spouse uses anger and the other retreats. The angry spouse reacts without really expressing their true emotions and the recipient of the anger shuts down and stuffs their feelings.If we find ourselves living with an unfaithful spouse, we have every reason to feel angry and hurt.