Benefits of dating a much younger man

01-Feb-2018 03:57

After seeing photos of Katie Couric and her hot, significantly younger boyfriend, we were curious whether this whole dating-a-younger-man trend is healthy for womankind.After all, Demi and Ashton (15 years apart) seem happy.Many of these mothers were older, well educated and financially stable.Therefore, many older women may simply want a fun companion to spend their time with instead of an older, dependable husband.And, despite their recent breakup, Susan Sarandon...And, despite their recent breakup, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (12 years) seemed very well suited for one another. "I think it's a wonderful example of a huge world trend of women becoming more economically powerful throughout the world," says Helen Fisher, Ph.D., a biological anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to online dating site

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It is also important to consider not only age gaps, but ages.

Her work has appeared in the features section of Sonoma State University's campus newspaper, "Sonoma State Star," and online at Obsessed Artist.

Mc Culloch holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication studies from Sonoma State University.

In years past, society has been quick to accept relationships in which there was a large age discrepancy (commonly referred to as May-December romances) provided the older of the two committed participants was the man.

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However, thanks to strong, confident celebrities like Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore, Madonna and Katie Couric, dating a younger man is becoming more widely acceptable.Based in California, Caitlin Mc Culloch has been writing since 2008.

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