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11-Apr-2018 01:19

And the long-running series shows no signs of stopping."The two new heads of the network at Fox were the [executives] who initially shepherded 'Bones' and they're very big fans of the show," says Conlin."So I've heard that they'd like it to continue...

We still have to come back on the air, and they have to see how we do.

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A., or I'm coming back to Allentown."It was in the Lehigh Valley that Conlin first discovered her affinity for acting.Bryan blew me away." (Conlin says she also is a fan of 'Top of the Lake,' 'The Returned' and 'So You Think You Can Dance.')During this year's hiatus from "Bones," Conlin managed to squeeze in another film.Written and directed by "The Words" helmer Brian Klugman (who reoccurs on "Bones"), "Baby Baby Baby" is about a couple (Klugman, Adrianne Palicki) trying to begin a romance.And then all over again the next day."Conlin thinks audiences keep coming back for more "Bones" because the show manages a tricky balance between crime-solving action and character-deepening storylines."I think audiences like the combination of a heavy crime drama and characters who are so approachable," says Conlin.

"The characters [exhibit] a real sense of play with each other."A decade ago, "Bones" was at the vanguard of crime thrillers with terrific roles for women.

The fact that Angela is an integral part of a team that includes a number of strong women was one of the reasons Conlin signed up for the pilot."Now, there are a lot of great roles for women on TV but back then, it wasn't quite the case.""Bones" is such a female-centric show that Conlin says, "we joke that Angela, Brennan and Cam [played by Tamara Taylor] have offices that are bigger than the guys' offices …