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24-Aug-2017 02:12

The “Kojiki,” a compilation of oral accounts of the origins of Japan, was commissioned by Empress Gemmei.

The Tang Dynasty of China was at its height of cultural, economic and military influence.

The trees have been used as symbols for everything from predicting successful harvests of rice to giving the World War II kamikaze pilots courage for their one-way missions.

Here is a history of the cherry blossom and its evolving meaning, from ancient Japan to current day.

Thus, the book described what came to be known as the “Japanese spirit.” While the Chinese prize the plum blossoms, the aristocracy of Japan raised the cherry blossom to new status.

After a chilly start to spring on the East Coast, cherry trees are in full bloom in Washington, D. But the trees’ pink and white blossoms are not just beautiful.

They’ve been an evolving symbol of the nation of Japan for hundreds of years.

Minamoto then established a feudal system, with a private military known as the samurai who also had some political powers.

Constantine Vaporis, professor of history at University of Maryland, Baltimore County, says that as (ritual suicide) became a key part of the samurai’s Bushido code, the samurai “identified with the cherry blossom particularly because it fell at the moment of its greatest beauty, an ideal death.” The Cherry trees reflect the sacrifice of Japanese soldiers in service to the state of Japan.During this period, the Japanese begin to transplant cherry trees from the mountains to areas where people lived.

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