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12-Apr-2018 00:13

When he is in town, he can be found at Cielo or Provocateur, at a VIP bottle service table surrounded by beautiful women. She just arrived in New York from Missouri, where a modeling agent discovered her.

She never saw herself in a big city, but no one is surprised by her new career.

He has a heavy hand with alcohol and a fast finger on Tinder.

He’s having a great time with his guys, don’t get him wrong, but deep down, he’s looking for a girl he can bring home to mom and dad. She just moved into a one bedroom on her favorite cobble-stoned street. He may or may not deal pot, but either way, he is always high.

She’s living in a big flat provided by the agency, alongside several other freshly discovered models.

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He never spends too much time there; he’s always traveling.He moved to Manhattan eight years ago, hopping around from Fi Di to Murray Hill to the Hoboken, and finally back to Fi Di when it was time to move out from living with his best bro and get his own place.

SL: It was definitely planned, but Andrea wanted to incorporate music that she heard while she was recruiting us all.… continue reading »

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That way, you can communicate through texting or via a messaging app like Whats App.… continue reading »

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Mongolian men and women have been found in conditions of forced labor in Turkey, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic.… continue reading »

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