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Three years later, Lewis is releasing The Voyager, her third solo album. group Rilo Kiley disbanded in 2011 it left lead singer Jenny Lewis without a musical safety net for the first time in over a decade.Produced by fellow critical darlings Ryan Adams, Beck and Lewis’ longtime partner Johnathan Rice, Voyager was six years and one bout of extreme insomnia in the making. Also, the stakes were very low and I tend to operate better [in that environment]. It’s the ideal scenario where you go away for ten years and you come back and sell out two Barclay Centres. They knew what was going on with me so they were very gentle and kind.Jonathan Dekel spoke with Lewis about the band’s breakup, dealing with sexism in the music industry and how a call from good friend Ben Gibbard may have saved her life. Q After so many years working and touring, was it hard to adjust to staying at home? I think I would have thought, ‘Why wouldn’t I ask them to produce Rilo Kiley? ’ But really, working one-on-one with someone, especially an artist that you really respect, is a very intimate experience. I knew Ryan was opening an all analogue tape studio in L. So I went to record a song or two and that became the whole record. I just wrote, “Hey man, can I come in and record a tune? Q The tour came after a decade of silence and only one album. A I got a call from (Postal Service and Death Cab for Cutie singer) Ben (Gibbard) and he gave me a year. We all experience health issues and when you grow up on the road like I did you don’t take a lot of time to take care of yourself and I neglected a lot of things which just caught up with me. A I love Ben but he is a perfect performer and really demands perfection so I knew I had to play the parts right. I talk to him all the time and we’ve been through some shit together. It sounds so fucking cheesy but sometimes you just need people to believe you can do it for you to do it.

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Lewis also contributed vocals to several tracks on the 2004 Cursive album The Ugly Organ.Critics such as Pitchfork Media attributed this to the "wise" decision to front Lewis on most of the songs (on earlier albums, Sennett contributed about half the vocals). Rilo Kiley`s 2007 album Under the Blacklight was released directly by major label Warner Bros.