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Briggs and Myers designed the test with the belief our preferences evolve based on our experiences, interests, needs, values, and motivations.

This suggests personality compatibility is largely based on personal preference.

The infographic by Career Assessment Site down below includes all 16 personality types, their dating style, and who they are most compatible with.

For example, if you have an ENFJ personality like myself, you are labeled as “The Educator,” who is very warm, empathetic, responsive, and responsible.

The theories of “like is attracted to like” and “opposites attract” are challenged by personality types, since they are best thought of as “complimenting” each other.

Every year, two million people take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a 93-question assessment exam that has been translated into 30 different languages to evaluate personalities for their career, education, management or leadership roles, relationships, counseling, parenting, team development, or to satisfy our natural curiosity.

The problem arises when the reality doesn't live up to the fantasy the Dreamer has created, or when the relationship is over or hasn't even begun - a Dreamer can stay single for a long time because of an attachment to an unavailable partner. Oftentimes what we greatly admire in others is a clue to what we desire for ourselves.

Tips for the Dreamer: Similar to Avoiders, Dreamers need practice dating other people. Dreamers also need a reality check - if you find yourself putting someone up on a pedestal (particularly if you're not in a relationship), take a step back.

Now, the popular personality test, which analyzes 16 different personality types, is believed to also help us easily identify who our ideal zodiac matches are, what our ideal first date would be, and whether we are romantic, sexual, or lovable.

Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers, two psychological theorists, studied the works of Carl Gustav Jung, who divided an individual’s psychological functions into four different categories, producing 16 different personality types.Humans are complicated, of course, and it's possible to recognize characteristics of more than one type in yourself, but one will probably stand out for you more than the rest. When they do date, they usually date those they know through friends, work or school.

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