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26-Apr-2018 18:11

School boards have banned teachers from hitting students or using a strap, ruler, or other object to discipline students.Today, parents may be breaking the law if they punish their child in the same way that their own parents punished them.However, not every action involving contact or the threat of contact between two people is assault. This is because they have given their consent to physical contact within the rules of the sport.The contains a section that provides another exception to the law on assault.

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Employers are not allowed to hit their employees-ever.Many years ago, children, students, servants, and employees might, for example, be whipped to punish them or force them to do certain tasks.In those days, the justice system would not usually have been involved unless the adult or child were seriously injured or killed.The says that assaulting someone or threatening to assault someone is a crime.

Slapping, punching, pinching, kicking, restraining, or even touching are all examples of actions that may be considered assault. So, for example, hockey players may body check each other and boxers may punch each other without it being a crime.The force used must be minor, no matter what the child did.