My sister is dating a sociopath

09-Aug-2017 18:14

The direction of the discussion of sociopathy and psychopathy seems to be changing, but still far too slowly.

I wish there was a definite medical cure, but it's all experimental so far.

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dating after divorce in the catholic church

I have wondered why she has caused so much unwarranted pain all my life, I have been happily married for 30 years, I have a loving family , and she has not had anyone to lean on but me,she has lied over and over and over , she has manipulated me for years and has taken enough money from me , by making me feel sorry for her.

He gave me a chronic disease, and I found out had a secret double life with prostitutes...

He actually bragged about his "escapades" on his twitter acct., in his real name, while we were still together!

Now I just want to know how to deal with her during a divorce. Like she wanted to be friends for the children's best interest. If u excluded the partying I did in college ( but don't we all). He now feels that i love my other son more than him, they got into a fight and he was clearly (to us) wrong. I was emotionally and sexually exploited by a priest who is surely a sociopath.

She doesn't want to come clean about where she spent a lot of money. It's almost as if she feels that she is beyond reproach, that laws don't apply to her. There's oodles on this site and others about this. this site is excellent for handling sociopaths: luck If you are a victim or target of a sociopath your best bet is to RUN!!! She even started a website pretending to be me, pretty much saying I was mentally ill and suffered from borderline personality disorder. It's really simple as that, he has treated me and his dad, and his siblings like we are nothing. I have about broke the bank between his thefts and lawyers fees keeping him out of jail. I refused to take his side so now he and his wife are "done" with me. Confronting him got my dog poisoned and my family threatened. But even though I know all the horrible, disgusting things she has done to me.When I just feel sorry for them and am trying to help my husband. We buy them clothes and shoes and she always has a reason for more money. But I was dropping off my husbands kids and I was helping them carry theirs bags to the house and she came out.