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What is your dream assignment / job in our industry, and what are you really passionate about? I really enjoyed making , and working with a small team to make them happen.

All three films were passion projects, we never got paid or sponsored to make them.

I’ve also got their Smart Lav as a back-up and an NTG-3 for bigger productions.

I had always wanted to work in production and had been accepted into film school years earlier, but being a person that likes to do things their own way, I decided to forge ahead on my own and this turned out to be the perfect way to do it.Here in Queenstown we are surrounded by incredible scenery and using drones can really immerse you in that, so we use them on a range of projects I shoot here.They’ve changed the game entirely, adding a new level of production and making your project more dynamic.Through travelling to Myanmar several times over the past year I met American-Burmese director Lynn Padetha, and for the past 9 months have been freelancing for his production company Artisa Film in Yangon.

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Current assignments: At the moment I’m back in Queenstown, New Zealand working for Diaries Downunder, a production company owned and operated by producer and professional snowboarder Nick Hyne and Syrp’s Ben Ryan.In October I head back to Yangon to work on projects for Artisa Film and I’m hoping to spend some time producing a time-lapse film through the country with equipment from Syrp. In New Zealand, I shoot largely tourism-based products and branded content for companies and organisations such as Ngāi Tahu Tourism, Ultimate Hikes, Skyline Queenstown and Diaries Downunder.