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31-Dec-2017 13:10

FML Today, I spent 12 hours in an airport rather than go back to the apartment of the man I traveled to see for the weekend.Instead of wine, dine, sixty-nine, he took me to a tailgating event and introduced me to two girls he had a threesome with. The govt can, and probably will, will go after all 4 of us.FML OP here (I didn't hook my email when I orginally submitted) To clarify, my aunt and uncle were married with kids before they became step-sister and brother.My grandmother died (my uncle's mother), and coincidentially my aunt's mother had been widowed for some time.

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Her third, You Do You, will be published in November 2017.

FML Today, I learned that the new granite countertop in my parents' house cost ,000. My bros and I will discuss it with the lawyer that helped us set the trust account up and have my mother removed.

Coincidentally, this is also the amount of money I would have needed to go to the college of my dreams instead of the cheaper school I currently attend. Today, I monitored my students as they conducted a lab experiment.

Today, my usual 15 minute return trip from the fabric store took almost an hour and a half due to traffic.

Once I finally got home, I realized I misunderstood the pattern I'm using and only bought half the fabric I needed.

This book is kicking ass all over bestseller lists. You won't be disappointed."―Jen Kirkman, stand-up comedian and author of I Can Barely Take Care of Myself"[An] hilarious guidebook aims to rid your mind of annoying coworkers, family issues, and body pressures... In fact, being honest and polite are your key concepts for embracing your best life with as little f*cks to be had. "―Booklist"This how-to book grabs us with its catchy title, no doubt inspired by Marie Kondo's bestseller, but delivers by empowering us to learn to say no and banish the word 'should' from our lives."―Parade"A parody of the wildly popular The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up . Right from the start I hoped the book wouldn't overuse the F-word like it does on the first couple of pages. Actually, I just hoped for good writing, but overall I was disappointed with the book for three reasons.1) The author uses the f-word so liberally, that it gets annoying fast.

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