Parents intimidating teachers

22-Jul-2017 03:55

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They find satisfaction in challenging teachers mentally, socially, and physically.

This article is about when this sort of behavior goes too far. In schools today teachers can struggle to keep control of a classroom full of students.

In many countries, it has become harder for governments to persuade people to join the teaching profession.

Part of the reason for this may be the intense pressure that comes from feeling powerless to control the children for which you are responsible.

In many cases, this all occurs because a student was not satisfied with what they deem to be an unfair grade on a test or assignment.

The reason this is done via the Internet is because is seems like a medium where the student can say what they want to say about their teacher without having to face the same consequences that would result if said in person.

There are countless social media pages set up simply to embarrass and harass teachers and other faculty members in schools.

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We are trained by the media and our communities to look out for, and prevent, bullying.

Other times, the teacher is meant to see it and be intentionally hurt by it.

Children cannot always understand the effects of their actions on other people emotionally, especially when it comes to teachers, who can sometimes appear to be heartless prison-guards/homework distributors rather than living, feeling human beings.

Teachers should print a copy of any personal abuse posted online, either about them or written by his or her students.

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Sadly sometimes parents can become involved, and even contribute to, cyberbullying of teachers online.

In today’s schools, this is not acceptable, thankfully.