Revox a77 dating

25-May-2018 20:26

The Revox variants were designed for consumer use, with features such as IR remote control, and the omission of balanced input/output sockets.The core circuitry of the two was otherwise substantially identical.Reception is never a problem, as I have a Magnum Dynalab whip located on the roof of my 5 floor building which is basically in line-of-site of the broadcast facilities on both the CN Tower & First Canadian Place located no more than 3 or so of kms away.

I have recently stumbled upon the realization that my main source has actually become FM broadcast.

One of the company's most successful models was the Revox A77 recorder, which was introduced in 1967. Studer was also an innovator in the design and production of multitrack recorders.

Studer’s first multi-track machine, the model J37, was released in 1964. The machine was a true technological breakthrough, embodying versatility, functionality and simplicity in what was then a state-of-the-art machine.

In the mid 1990s Studer started to develop digital mixing consoles.

After introduction of On Air 2000 with Touch'n Action user interface in 1997, the D950 was the first digital large frame desk Studer introduced in 1998.

The Revox group was excluded and sold to private investors.