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As a relative synonym for dominant group, highest class (classicus) puts the origin of the concept behind dominant group at 2535 b2k, well before the exact usage in 1826, or 174 b2k in application to insect distributions by William Kirby.

"In each case it is found that the lower social classes have mortality rates significantly higher than those of the upper social classes with the mortality rate of the lowest class being approximately twice that of the highest class on a six-category scale." "Majority group" is a phrase which may be a cross-over.

The patricians were organized as a distinct social class with jealously guarded privileges.

In order to avoid contamination by inferiors and to keep power in their own hands, they refused to accept new members; they adopted strict rules regarding marriages; and they kept careful birth and marriage records in the famous Golden Books.

Appointment doesn't make sense in the first example. Yeah, most dictionary entries are rather specifically synonymous or uncommon (like assignation or tryst; nice words though).

One core issue of my question was the suitability of date as a hypernym to all what the thesaurus yields.

"Society" is in category 786 so there is a "dominant society".

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Absolute synonyms, relative synonyms and antonyms are hyphen-separated.The term dominant group appears to be used to identify entities of importance. Further, any word which has its most or much more common usage within these categories may also form an alternate term, such as "ruling group", where "ruling" has its most common usage in category 739, or "dominant party", where "party" is in category 74.The genera differentia for possible definitions of dominant group fall into the following set of orderable pairs: 'Orderable' means that any synonym from within the first category can be ordered with any synonym from the second category to form an alternate term for dominant group; for example, "superior class", "influential sect", "master assembly", "most important group", and "dominant painting". "Taxon" or "taxa" are like "species" in category a book title verifying dominance by the Patrician class. "'Consequently, the ruling class accumulated all the wealth for themselves, and the slave-population filled the country, while the real Italian population decreased terribly, worn out by poverty, taxation, and military service.

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And when there was a respite from these things they found themselves unemployed, because the land was owned by rich men who used slaves instead of freemen on their farms.' Whatever the origin of this passage may be, it shows the necessary result of the military expansion of Rome," It was natural that they, and later writers too, should find this quality impressive because from the last years of marco Polo's life until the terrible war with the Turks in the middle of the seventeenth century, the Venetian nobility was remarkable for its policy of exclusiveness.

But the ruling class had not always had this exclusive character." is called an aristocracy. a governing group from the aristocracy is called ruling elites.