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Alexander was actively involved in many multi-housing projects but only two single-family houses during that period: the Hall House and the Governor's house on Guam. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence. Not succeeding, they hired Neutra to do their own custom design. The owner consented to mothballing the house while arguments continue, and the house degrades, into 2016.

They broke up in 1959 when Alexander and Neutra disagreed over large-scale jobs."Certainly today all serious architectural students are aware of your tremendous contribution to both the fiber and spirit of the art, and almost all are in sympathy with the means you have used in giving your ideas form, even though our own incipient philosophies and forms may be directed in many different ways. Meyler's restoration efforts included replacing the roof; re-piping and re-plumbing; replacing the electrical system; reframing the living room and garage; installing new insulation in all walls and ceilings; replacing window glass; refinishing the concrete floor; and adding a six-foot wall around the property. Photos by Tony Kirk and David Royal., Lone Pine CA.

With these thoughts in mind, we would like to join with Mr. The house used rust-resistant coated HH Robertson fluted steel panels assembled according to a system devised by architect Vincent Palmer, who had used the panels to be covered by stucco in Spanish Revival style. She also had a new HVAC system designed to fit seamlessly into the existing structure and commissioned craftsmen to recreate the original built-in furniture in the living room/studio and master bedroom. Sold in thte late 1970's to art dealer Ruth Schaffner, heir to the Hart Schaffner and Marx company, who did a number of unfortunate modifications.

Neutra in sending you heartfelt greetings at this Christmas season. Bottom photo taken during construction: Neutra is 4th from right, Harwell Hamilton Harris 2nd from right. Benefactor Van der Leeuw loaned Neutra the funds to build a prototype Modernist house and use it to research future design challenges. In 1940 an innovative garden wing was added that created north and south patios. A foundation slab composed of diatomaceous material served as a radiant heat source. She Meyler also put in a guest house addition, designed by Neutra in 1938 but never built. Sold around 1994 to Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch who did a restoration.

Neutra and Schindler ended their partnership and co-residency and rarely interacted after that. Brilliantly restored by Casale, James Rega, and Christopher Steele. Sold in 2015 to CFd L LLC, controlled by Christian Cigrang., Los Angeles CA. After passing through several owners including Lou Bach, author Ayn Rand bought the house with her husband, Frank O'Connor, and lived there from 1943 to 1951 when they moved to New York. Richter invented the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes. The house was seized by the state and destroyed in 1973 to make way for the 210 Foothill Freeway. After Miller left Palm Springs in 1943, she rented to military friends stationed in town. 1958 - The George Kraigher House II, formerly Bethlehem Road, Litchfield CT.

When Neutra had a heart attack in 1953, he found himself in the same hospital room as Schindler. Originally this 1565 sf metal and plywood prefabricated building was part of the 1936 California House and Garden exhibition at the LA Building Center. She called it "unbelievably wonderful." She wrote much of Atlas Shurgged here. When she returned, the house had fallen into such disrepair she closed up the house and left town. Sold to John Hauser who purchased the house out of foreclosure around 2008 and spent two years in renovations. Correspondence between Neutra and Kraigher reveals this is now Route 63, Morris CT. Sold in 2004 to Massy Mehdipour who rented it out for several years.

A nonprofit called Neutra Cultural Center in 2014 signed a three-year lease with the City of Brownsville to teach architecture, design, visual arts and culture to low- and moderate-income children. Schiff's wife Ilse Schiff made a number of trendy changes in the building towards the end of her life. Furnishings selected by Neutra were replaced by interior designer and Lautner house owner Arthur Elrod. Sold in 1980 to Barry Manilow (Barney Property Trust) who did a number of unfortunate renovations. Marmol Radziner did a well-publicized and immaculate 1995 restoration. Named in 2008 as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Landmark. Built by director Dudley Murphy, it opened in 1948 and catered to stars including Frank Sinatra, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe. Sold in 2004 to John Mack Faragher and Michele Hoffnung. Sold 18 days later to Ten 801 Chalon Road Holding Trust, controlled by Ford. The kitchen (last photo) was renovated - poorly, says son Dion Neutra. Foreclosed in January 2011 and sold to Soda Partners LLC for about M, according to Blockshopper LA. Sold in 2003 to architect Charles Scott Hughes who renovated and expanded it in 2005. Sold around 2005 to Hikaru Utada and Kazuhiro Iwashita. 1956 - The Alfred de Schulthess House, 19A #15012, Cubanacan Playa, Havana, Cuba. Raul Alvarez worked as supervising architect; Benno Fischer, Serge Koschin, John Blanton all worked on the architectural design. As of 1994, 62 of the homes are supposedly kept in the Neutra-spirit, and only five homes got major alterations. 1966 - The Ebelin Bucerius House, aka Casa Navegna, Via Val Resa, Brione sopra Minusio, Switzerland. It has been painstakingly and exquisitely restored and renovated.

It got worse when Schindler was rejected from the Philip Johnson's MOMA International Style exhibition in New York which Neutra brought to LA for the 1932 Olympics. Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses, Northridge CA. Movie director Von Sternberg famously insisted that there be no door locks on the bathrooms in case a temperamental actor or actress decided to kill themselves there. This was the first Modernist house in Palm Springs.

Among many projects, Schindler and Neutra collaborated on an entry for the League of Nations Competition of 1927; in the same year they formed a design firm with planner Carol Aronovici called the Architectural Group for Industry and Commerce (AGIC).

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