When should teens start dating

07-Sep-2017 11:28

On a related note, sometimes friendships suffer, as teens pair up and “single” friends get left behind. Keep the lines of communication open It is difficult to think about your child growing up and becoming an adult. Talking about tough subjects like drinking, drugs and sex can be a challenge, but studies show that parents have a tremendous amount of influence over the decisions their teen children make.

This might include discussing with your teen what should be done if the date ends up at a party with drinking.

And also let your child know that you are available at any time during the date if they need to call for a ride or for any other reason.

Step Four: Make sure your child is prepared for the unexpected.

The child you nurtured for more than a decade all of a sudden looks like a baby-faced adult.

Then there are the more subtle signs: showers without nagging, more attention to clothing choices, caring if things “match.” Maybe there are whispered conversations with friends and shy behavior around the opposite sex out in public.

The hormones that come along with puberty change their bodies and cause extreme emotional upheaval.

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