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29-Jan-2018 14:49

The USA Track and Field officials are working with Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh to determine whether a run-off or a coin flip will determine who gets the coveted Olympic runner spot. It wasn’t just one comment that made Justin Gatlin look like a sexist jackass, though.

They’re expected to decide on a method later this week. He drove the point home later on during an episode of , where he changed his mind–and said that Allyson Felix and Jeneba Tarmoh should mud wrestle for the Olympic runner spot instead.

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Unable to recover from a poor start, he finished third in his last competitive (non-relay) race.

Gatlin’s reputation not be unnecessarily tarnished” since he was guilty of, at most, a “paperwork violation.” Two months after the AAA decision, in July 2002, Gatlin was reinstated by the IAAF on the grounds that he had a “genuine medical explanation for his positive test.” In 2006, at the Kansas Relays, Gatlin’s urine sample tested positive for the banned “substance testosterone or its precursors.” In his defense, Gatlin said that he had been tested 35 times, before and after the Kansas relays, and that the 2006 result was an aberration.