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"Things were difficult to start with and they are more difficult now.

The guerrillas are continuing to recruit minors and they carry out the death penalty.

The two major criticisms aimed at Farc are that it recruits children and carries out acts of random violence.

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His move led to the resignation of his defence minister and many senior generals.

[Verse 3] At a bar they call Stop Light the fellas drink their beer Women with their hair done up, they make it very clear Which one of the fellas all is theirs and can't be touched They're tellin' me that motorcycle riders just give up They're talkin' to the pretty ladies, everyone they can I never seen the trouble caused all by just one dance If Benny don't get himself shot tonight, I wish he did When he gets home [Verse 4] Now Kathy's dating Benny and he keeps her by his side Kathy's still the cutest girl these boys will ever find Riders line up BSA's out on the scrambler's tracks Levi's, jeans, and a leather jacket numbers on their backs Benny's bike is too big to race up 250 class They make him start way up the hill, up by the railroad tracks Tomorrow, they'll all ride across the Illinois state line Motorcycle Blessing at the St Christopher Shrine [Chorus] Kathy's walking out the door, leaving Benny all alone And Benny's crying "Kathy please, baby don't you go" Baby don't you go, baby don't you go [Outro] Kathy mean it this time Just leave in the middle of the night His wallet's on your table, boots on your floor The car is parked right outside your back door So leave him asleep in your bed and You're halfway to Chicago before goodbye is said , a collection of photographs and interviews with members of the Chicago Outlaws motorcycle club in the mid 60’s.

The song is a look at the tumultuous relationship of two of its subjects, club member Benny Bauer and his wife Kathy, as well as a window into the life of the club itself.

She can little have imagined when she joined as a dedicated teenager that she would one day be sitting in what is effectively the capital city of 16,000 square miles of guerrilla territory, an area officially known as the "zona de despeje", the demilitarised zone, the "laboratory of peace", but unofficially as Farclandia.

Today in London, foreign ministers from around the world will be meeting to discuss what the future may hold for Lucero and her companeros as European governments seek to decide what support to give to the Plan Colombiano, under which the US would provide the Colombian government more than £1bn of military aid, officially to tackle narco-trafficking.

He says that they still have hopes for the slow peace process provided that the government gives them guarantees that they can operate politically, have access to the media and the country's institutions. When a group of Colombian guerrillas, the M-19, last laid down their arms and went openly into the political arena, the were almost all killed by Colombia's active paramilitaries, the so-called self-defence forces who make up in ruthlessness what they lack in the Farc's numbers.

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